Current champion Giovanni De Carolis will make his first title defence next June 21 at the ancient Roman Theatre in Ostia Antica .  

His challenger will be unbeaten Armenia’s Gevor Khoren.   

Mr. Davide Buccioni will promote.

How Giovanni won the vacant belt

In the beautiful location of “Cinecittà Cinema Studios 10” in Rome , on Friday 14 December 2018 , Giovanni De Carolis outpointed Italian champion Dragan Lepei to win the vacant WBC International SuperMiddle weight title.   The final scoring was :

115-113   116-111   115-112 all for the new champion.

One flash knockdown scored by De Carolis in round two.

The day before at the Stadio Domiziano” in Piazza Navona in Roma, the official weigh-in had  taken  place.   Giovanni De Carolis and current Italian champion Dragan Lepei (born in Roumania but now Italian Citizen) eventually made the limit.   Lepei complied with the limit on his first attempt on the scale (kgs 76.100).   Giovanni De Carolis had to try twice, as in his first attempt he scaled kgs 76.600.   At 5:36 pm LT, Giovanni made the limit and scaled kgs 76.204 (168 Lbs).    The vacant Championship was promoted by Mr. Davide Buccioni at the International Cinema Mecca called “Cinecittà”.













Former WBC International champions in this weight class

Avni Yildirim,  Turkey

Michael Rocky Fielding,   Great Britain

Callum   Smith,  Great Britain

Giovanni   De Carolis,   Italy

Nikola   Sjekloca,   Montenegro

Adonis   Stevenson,   Haiti – Canada

Robert   Stieglitz,   Russia – Germany

Denis   Inkin,   Russia

Mario   Veit,   Germany

Jürgen   Brahmer,   Germany

Otis  Grant,   Jamaica – Canada

Eric  Lucas,   Canada

Markus  Beyer,   Germany

Herol  Graham,   Great Britain

Mikkel  Kessler,   Denmark

Jaffa  Ballogou,   Togo

Goodwin  Anyamene,   Nigeria

Hunter  Clay,   Nigeria

Lou  Gent,   Great Britain

Paul  Jones,   Great Britain