SUPER BANTAMWEIGHT title vacant at moment

During our 2019 Annual Cobìnvention in Cancun, a fight for this vacant belt will take place.   MTK Global will stage a vacant championship with the vacant crown to be at stake in a fight between Neslan Machado and TJ Doheny.   More to come.

The fight for the vacant full title was actually to take place in Belfast last May 17  by MTK Global.   Ryan Burnett against Jelbirt Gomera (Philippines).   The fight was eventually won by Burnett but the WBC International belt was not at stake.   The Committee was reported that the local Commission did not allow the fight to be a Championship.   Full reasons were not reported.




Former WBC International SuperBantam-weight champions

Gavin Mc Donnell   Great Britain

Sean Davis   Great Britain

Richard Mark Pumicpic    Philippines

A fight between Alie Laurel and Joe Noynay took place on 18 Feb 2016 and ended in a Draw     The title remained vacant

Alexis Boureima Kaboré    Burkina Faso
Kid Galadad (Adbul Barry Awad)     Qatar – Great Britain
Oscar Gonzalez     México
Giovanni CARO     México
Arsen Martirosyan     Armenia
Balweg Bangoyan     Philippines
OTIENO Collins Odour “Sande”     Kenya
Napaphol Kiattisakchocchoi     Thailand
Naseem “Prince” Hamed     Great Britain
Manny Pacquiao     Philippines
Alfred Kotey     Ghana
Sakda Sorpakdee     Thailand
John Davison     Great Britain
Sergio Rafael Liendo     Argentina
Patrick Mullings     Great Britain
Ahmad Fandi     Indonesia
Joe Hiyas     Philippines
Mohamed Nurhuda     Indonesia
Paquito Opeño     Philippines