Middleweight title – vacant 160 lbs

The fight for this 160lbs vacant belt was between Andrii Velikovsky (Ukraine) and José de Jesus Macìas (MX) last July 31st in Germany by Fächer Sport management GmbH of Mr. Christian Titze.

The bout ended in a DRAW after ten well fought rounds.

The title remains vacant for the moment.

Mr. Titze hopes to stage a much anticipated rematch by next October.


Former WBC International champions in this divison

juan carlos raygoza   mèxico
steven  butler  canada
mark hefforn   GB
Karim Achour,   France
Craig Cunningham,   Great Britain
Tom Doran,   Wales
Jorge Sebastián Heiland,   Argentina
Nick Brinson,   USA
Joachim Alcine,   Haiti-Canada
David Lemieux,   Canada
Dmitry Pirog,   Russia
Domenico Spada,   Italy
Mahir Oral,   Germany Turkey
James Obedi Toney,   Ghana
Glenn Catley,   Great Britain
Robert Allen,   USA
Silvio Branco,   Italy
Cristian Sanavia,   Italy
Juan Carlos Gimenez,   Paraguay
Morrade Hakkar,   France
Erlande Betare,   France
Chris Pyatt,   Great Britain
Miguel Angél Arroyo,   Argentina
Andras Galfi,   Hungary
Alì Ennebati,   France
Aslanbeck Kodzoev,   Russia
Jorge Amparo,   Dominican  Republic
Chris Eubank Sr.   Great Britain
Hugo A. Corti,   Argentina
Kid Milo,   Great Britain
Rubén Dario Cabral,   Argentina
Antonio Perugino,   Italy
William Gare,   South Africa
Jerry Elliott,   Nigeria
Sergey Tatevosyan,   Russia