WBC International Heavyweight Silver vacant title bout  –  Universum Box Promotion has reported that Cuba’s José Larduet Gomez (the selected and approved co-challenger to this vacant title) is not avalaible to face Hussein Muhamed (Germany) in Hamburg  next June 19th.   Universum reported that the Cuban fighter had a last minute problem which will not allow him to be fit for the fight.  

The championship is in any case confirmed for next June 19 in Hamburg and Hussein will now face for the vacant belt dangerous Kosovo’s Senad Gashi (already included in the boxing card and ready to fight).




Former WBC International Silver champions in this weight class

Simon Kean,   Canada

Nathan Gorman,  GB

Robert Helenius,  Finland

Andreyi Rudenko,  Ukraine

Dillian WHYTE,  Jamaica-based in GB

Edmund Gerber, Kazakhstan

Manuel Charr,  Lebanon-Syria