Louie Lynn (UK) collected his first belt on Saturday March 27th 2021 with a very good victory on points over steely Spaniard Sebastain Perez.   Lynn, 9-0 25 of age, took home the WBC International Silver 126lbs crown following a hard-fought win at the Copper Box arena in London in a good encounter where he  – known as ‘Loco’ – was forced to apply the brakes and ease off the pace due to the nature of Perez’s assault.   The Peacock Gym protege started in a typically fiery fashion looking to swiftly take out the Spanish invader, but he soon realised that he hadn’t really swatted up or done his homework on the tough visitor.   “Perez was a very, very tough opponent and I’ve got a lot of respect for him,” said the Banstead-based Lynn. “He just kept coming all night long and he was like a little tank who wouldn’t leave off. He is a good fighter, who can punch a bit as well”.   Lynn admits he imagined his trademark typhoon right from the first bell would be enough to account for Perez and deposit a first belt in the bank. The English prospect turned to Martin Bowers  (his trainer) to say he was a little bit tired and worried as he had emptied the tank in trying so hard to finish the Spaniard.   It was not having much effect so Martin just told him to box his contender. It was probably  hard for Lynn to take down the pace because he is so hyped and fired up to try and get the stoppage. The fact was that Perez came on to him all the time.   For Lynn it turned out to be a good lesson learned, indeed.   Lynn said at the post fight interview:  “I am happy it went the ten rounds so I know in myself that I can go the distance, especially against someone who is always dangerous. They were hard rounds and I needed to empty the tank in every one because he gave me no rest at all”.   “It was the hardest fight of my life. I think it was Roman Gonzalez who said you must train hard and fight harder and it is true. You have to dig deep and find more and more”.   “I know I can do it now and I don’t think many fighters in the country are as tough as Perez and would keep coming and take my shots.”


Queensberry UK has reported that Lynn is scheduled to defend his belt next July 23 in UK.



Former WBC International SILVER Champions in this weight class

Francesco Grandelli   Italy

Aram Avagyan   Armenia

Reece Bellotti   England

Jon Slowey   Scotland

Choi Tseveenpurev   Mongolia

Rey Bautista   Philippines * Interim