Ukashir Farooq (born in Pakistan – based in Glasgow/Scotland) outpointed México’s Luis Gerardo “La Sombra” Castillo to win the vacant crown.   The vacant championship was promoted by Matchroom Boxing in their HQ Garden in Brentwood – Essex, England  –  Saturday 14th August 2021


Kash Farooq (15-1, 6KOs), Glasgow, 117 ½ pounds

Luis Gerardo Castillo (28-2, 18KOs), Jiqulipilco, Mexico, 116 ¼ pounds

Vacant WBC International title bout  –  10 rounds, Bantamweight




Former WBC International Bantam-weight champions in this division

Alejandro Santiago Barrios,   México

Duke Micah,   Ghana

Ryan Burnett,  Northern Ireland
Ernesto Saulong,  Philippines
Silvester Lopez,  Philippines
Rex WAO,  Philippines
Alberto Guevara,  Mexico
Dennis Tubieron,  Philippines
Hiroki Shiino,  Japan
Thangthong Kiattaweeksuk,  Thailand
Carmelo Ballone,  Belgium
Vincent Palicte,  Philippines
Nick Otieno,  Kenya
Vusi Malinga,  South Africa
Abner Cordero,  Philippines
Ricky O. Gayamo,  Philippines
Jovi Halog,  Philippines
Armando Castro,  Mexico
Samir Laala,  Algeria
Vince Feeney,  Great Britain
Willy Antonio Perdomo Medina,  Dominican Republic
Samuel Duran,  Philippines
Saming Kaitpetch,  Thailand
Roger Galicia,  Philippines
Juan José Estrada,  Mexico
Khulile Makebaì,  South Africa
Concepción Velazquez,  Mexico
Wongso Indrajit,  Indonesia
Donnie Hood,  Scotland

**Raul Valdez,  Mexico
Raul Valdez has been the first fighter ever to win a WBC International title *****