Current Champions


Current WBC International champions

Heavy-weight                      Title remained vacant after kuzmin and mansour scored a technical draw   *see page*
Silver champion                 Nathan Gorman,  great britain
Cruiser                                   vacant
Silver champion                 Fabio TURCHI, Italy
Lightheavy                           vacant
Silver champion                vacant
Supermiddle:                       Avni YILDIRIM, Turkey
Silver champion                Sakio BIKA, Camerun
Middle                                    mark heffron (GB)
Silver champion                vacant
Superwelter                      James metcalf (gb)
Silver champion               evgeny  terentiev  (russia)
Welter:                                 mikael zewsky (canada)
Silver champion              Michael McKinson , Great Britain
Superlight                         ohara Davies,  great britain
Silver champion              vacant
Light                                     Hurricane FUTA, japan
Silver champion              Robert  tlatlik  (poland)
Superfeather                   vacant
Silver champion              pablo manuel ojeda (argentina)
Feather                               lerato  dlamini  (South africa)
Silver champion             aram avagyan (armenia)
Superbantam                   Gavin  mCdonnell (great britain)
Silver champion             paulus natangwe ambunda (namibia)
Bantam                               Duke Micah, Ghana
Silver champion             narek abgaryan (armenia)
Superfly                            title vacant at moment
Silver                                  vacant at moment
Fly                                        title vacant

Cristofer Rosales won WBC World crown

Silver champion             vacant at moment
Lightfly                             Jonathan Taconing, Philippines
Silver                                  Tibo Monabesa, Indonesia
Minimum                              Dee Jay Kriel, South Africa
Silver champion             vacant at moment


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