Current Champions

Heavy-weight:  Dillian WHYTE  (Jamaica – GB)

   Silver:   Andrey Rudenko (Ukraine)

Cruiser:  Constantin Bejenaru

(born in Moldova,  based in NY USA)

Lightheavy:  Joe Smith Jr.  (USA)

   Silver:  Sergey Ekimov  (Russia)

Supermiddle:  title vacant

   Silver:   Avni Yildirim    (Turkey)

Middle :  Craig CUNNINGHAM    (Great Britain)

   Silver          Jason WELBORN       Great Britain

Superwelter         vacant

The fight for the vacant belt will take place in Rome next May 13. See page.

Welter:   Sam EGGINGTON     Great Britain

   Silver          Frederick Lawson (Ghana)

Superlight         Aik Shakhnazaryan (Armenia)

   Silver            Manvel Sargsyan (Armenia)

Light                  title vacant

   Silver          Richard Commey (Ghana)

Superfeather    Title vacant

   Silver          Horacio Alfredo Cabral  (Argentina)

Feather                Josh WARRINGTON    Great Britain

Superbantam      Sean DAVIS                  Great Britain

Bantam               Duke Micah  (Ghana)

   Silver          Vyacheslav Mirzaev     Russia

Superfly              title vacant as Sonny Boy Jaro relinquished this belt on voluntary basis.

vacant Silver      Jamie CONLAN (Northern Ireland)

Fly                       Andrew SELBY      Wales

Lightfly               Jonathan Taconing   Philippines

   Silver          Tibo Monabesa              Indonesia

Minimum            Lito DANTE  (Philippines)