WBC International LightFly-weight Silver Champion

Tibo Monabesa   (16-0-2, 8 KOs)  retained his belt against Lester Abutan (Philippines)

Jakarta, Indonesia – March 31, 2018 – Cendrawasih Sports Hall

                            by by Armin Tan Promotions

                            match-maker Mikko Marttinen

Champion Tibo Monabesa     (WBC #13)    Indonesia     108 pounds

Challenger Lester Abutan     (WBC #26)  Philippines   108 pounds

REPORT from  Supervisor Patrick Cusick

WBC International Super Flyweight Championship

WBC world ranked #13 Tibo Monabesa extended his undefeated record to 18-0 when he scored a unanimous points decision over his courageous Filipino challenger Lester Abutan in Jakarta last night (31 March) in Jakarta.

It was a spirited contest from the outset with the shorter and bulky Abutan fighting in close against Monabesa who defended and used his longer reach to score when the fight moved out of close quarters.

Abutan’s aggressive in-fighting led to some low stomach punches and after repeated warning to Abutan by referee Rocky Joe to desist with any low blows the visiting Filipino had 1 point deducted in the 4th and 8th rounds when two blatant low blows landed.

None of the rounds were easy for Monabesa who was forced to change his natural advantage of fast-moving boxing at long range when Abutan kept at him closing space and forcing tight exchanges.

As the fight progressed Monabesa was able to blanket his opponent with a tight defence and showed his class by accumulating a points advantage with precision punches that nullified Abutan’s harassing tactics.

The referee did a fine job and kept control keeping the fighters focused on the rules when the fight got scrappy in the clinches.

The two judges that scored the rounds 9-3 in favor of Monabesa were reasonable while the third judge’s rounds scores 11-1 was a little too generous to the local champion.

Around 800 vocal boxing fans attended the Jakarta venue that was televised on Indonesia national television.


  Short tales of TIBO MONABESA’s pro career:

Age:            26
Hometown:             Tangerang, Indonesia
Weight class:        Lifghtflyweight
Height:  5-foot-3 (163 cm)  –  Reach:  66 inches (170 cm)
Turned pro:        2012
Pro record:         16-0-2, 8 knockouts
Trainer:      Armin Tan,  Khairus Sahel
Manager:    Armin Tan
Promoter:   Armin Tan


Armin Tan, promoter

  champ MONABESA Tibo


Why he’s a prospect:

Monabesa, along with flyweight sensation Iwan Zoda, is thought of as the best up-and-coming young fighter in Indonesia.   It is hoped that , with Zoda, they could bring a measure of success to the country that they haven’t had since Chris John’s featherweight reign.

He feels his straight punches are his biggest asset while his coach believes it to be his left cross.  Mikko Marttinen, a boxing agent who works with several Indonesian fighters, is high on Monabesa.

He has good boxing skills but also decent punching power for a junior flyweight,” explained Marttinen. “He boxes very patiently out of his southpaw stance, counters well and makes very few mistakes in the ring.

“He is a very humble and hard working boxer. Tibo has cleaned out the division in Indonesia and is now making the step to international level.”

Why he’s a suspect:    Monabesa’s lack of amateur career could be a potential weakness but he’s learnt on the job so far.   The Indonesian and his trainer feel to work on throwing better quality hooks and uppercuts is now a priority.

Story lines:    Monabesa was raised in a small farming village on the Island of Timor.   He had four siblings, one died at an early age.   As a youngster he watched boxing on TV and then took up the sport, surprising everyone who knew him.

“I watched a lot of boxing as a child,” he said. “I remember seeing [Mike] Tyson versus [Evander] Holyfield on TV. After that I followed Chris John’s career. I saw that he was small and could be a champion so why not me.”

It was tough for him to practice boxing because there wasn’t a gym where he lived: “I woke up every day at 4;00 am and at 5:00 am I ran 10 km. In the afternoon I ran again.”

After graduating from High school he moved to Jakarta to become a boxer.

Initially he took a job as bus driver to help make end’s meet, until he met his now manager Armin Tan who now looks after him.   Monabesa doesn’t have a particular boxing hero.  He takes different facets of many boxers and looks to work them into his own game.   He has a girlfriend who supports his career. Away from boxing in his down time he likes to speak to family and friends back in Timor.

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